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Use Jigs to Catch More Bass

Jigs are one of the most versatile, effective and easy to use lures ever made. Jigs for More Bass Jig fishing is the go-to presentation for many bass anglers. Jigs are […]

Fast Tracking Lure Confidence

Have you ever wondered what the quickest way to gain confidence in a new lure? Lure Confidence Article Contributed by Jay Randall The first thing you need to do when […]

REVIEW: Mustang Survival Bluewater Dry Bags

Being able to keep gear dry is inherent with being a kayak angler.  Kayakers know better than anyone that things getting wet kust comes with the territory. The Mustang Survival […]

 Kayak Fishing Retention Ponds

Some areas of the United States have limited or overcrowded space for anglers to fish. In fact, it’s hard for anglers to get out and go fishing. However, anglers are […]

REVIEW: Shimano Power Pliers

Have you ever had a dull or broken hook and struggled to take it off the split ring?  As an avid price conscience fisherman, I repair, update, and clean my […]

REVIEW: PEETZ Hookum Diving Spoon

After roughly 45 years of hiding in the depths of the PEETZ vault, the Hookum Diving Spoon has returned. I decided to test one and see if this age old […]

REVIEW: Old Town Loon

20 years ago Old Town Canoe launched the Loon, a kayak that changed the way people thought about taking to the water. This year Old Town Canoe changed the way […]