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A Plea for Reason

by Greg Massa and Chris Payne Some may see this as trolling, but it’s not. This is an honest plea for reason. Facebook Groups that once were giant informational exchanges (that some will claim replaced the old forums and BB systems) are now becoming advertising space, troll gathering spots, and worse. When someone asks what the best kayak is, I assume it’s because they don’t know what considerations actually need to […]

VIDEO: What Knot to Use and How to Tie

  Arbor  I use this knot to connect backing to my fly reels and mono, fluoro and braid to the spools of my conventional gear. Most people prefer to back braided lines with mono because it slips on the spool at the connection point. I solve this problem by tying the arbor knot then adding a half hitch to each side of the spool. This locks the line securely and […]

Outdoor Life with Kristine Fischer

Jen Mues caught up with rising star Kristine Fischer to talk about life, adventures, and her new gig as a kayak angling guide in Nebraska.  Kristine Fischer comes from the great state of Nebraska where she is a phenomenal athlete as well as an asset to young women around the world. I would like share with you a piece to get to know this amazing, up and coming example of […]

New Texas Kayak Trail Offers Kayak Anglers New Opportunities

If you are a tournament kayak angler, you have probably heard of the Kayak Anglers Tournament Series. And for Central Texas paddlers, K.A.T.S. is a staple for any tournament angler. But starting January 2017, there is another kayak trail for competitive anglers. A local Austin angler, Xander Cremente, recently created a newtournament series for Central Texas kayakers. The Texas Kayak Trail will kick off January 14 for its first event at […]

San Antonio Anglers Gather For Bass Tournaments

San Antonio isn’t known for bass sanctuaries as its sister Texas cities, but that doesn’t stop one group of anglers. The Kayak Anglers of San Antonio was created by Eric J. Stevens earlier this year to support the growing sport of kayak fishing in the Alamo City. The group has since held several bass tournaments around South Texas held at various popular lakes. Many of the members also fish other […]

Use Jigs to Catch More Bass

Jigs are one of the most versatile, effective and easy to use lures ever made. Jigs for More Bass Jig fishing is the go-to presentation for many bass anglers. Jigs are effective and easy to fish. Where I grew up in Louisiana, bumping a jig into a cypress tree trunk and letting it slide to the bottom is a staple of almost every angler. Jigs are versatile baits and can be […]

Fast Tracking Lure Confidence

Have you ever wondered what the quickest way to gain confidence in a new lure? Lure Confidence Article Contributed by Jay Randall The first thing you need to do when you get to your favorite fishing hole is grab your rod and tie on your new lure that you want to fish. Second thing is to leave everything else behind. I have found that by taking out that one new […]