Budget Talk: Let Them Buy Hobies

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7 Responses

  1. Gregorio Gonzalez says:

    Words to Live By. Very Prophetic I must say

  2. Mike says:

    Thank you for expressing this so well. It needed to be said and understood. I hope people get the message and join in to encourage everyone and anyone to play at their own level and have fun, with pride. (Great story by the way.)

  3. Craig says:

    Another excellent and we’ll-timed post. I scrimped and saved for my first $225 boat that brought me a lot of joy, many hours on the water and even a lot of pride during a difficult time. Years later, it’s easy to be tempted to look down on someone’s second-hand Pelican, but as you stated, we’re all in different places-different stages. I do my best to remember that they too are probably pursuing a dream or doing whatever is within their means to enjoy creation like I was. Embracing community is important and often lost in today’s trolling/trying times.

  4. NCPIERMAN says:

    best read words in some time thank you

  5. Gary Elliott says:

    Chris great article and well said. i agree, kayak fishing is a relatively new sport. Especially in areas such as where I am from, Michigan. I have seen the same thing happen in the archery world as well. A guy asks what is a good bow at $500 and other bow hunters shun him by telling him he needs a $1000 bow.
    You’re right Chris, we need to start being conscience of kayak and gear requests based on what that person can afford not what we feel they should spend. Not everyone can afford a $1500, $1000, or a $800 kayak. A $300 kayak may be all they can or want to afford for a first kayak and then they may decide they like the sport and will come back and ask about choices for a more expensive kayak.

  6. DAVID HUTTON says:

    My first response about any potential gear purchase, be it fly rods or kayaks is,
    “What’s your budget?”
    This is the pivotal requisite; everything hinges on that.
    Many times the question is asked, “What should I buy,” or, “What do you guys use?” neither of which are of much use to someone if they can’t afford to get in the gate.
    I also like to know what experience a hopeful yakker has and just what they hope to do with a kayak.
    I like to fish, pretty much exclusively. But people often want to go on day trips, or camping, or even run rapids – and fish, too!
    Taken as a whole, these 3 questions do far more than just throwing out a high dollar recommendation.

  7. Michle hos says:

    Well said, I agree with you. Every beginner should have to start with a kayak which one he can afford and its suitable for him. If a person doesn’t know anything about the kayak or have low experience about a kayak, he can’t control and maintaining properly. It’s pretty harmful to kayak and him. Money is not the main fact; the fact is which one is suitable for you. When you gather the experience, then you can go to the next level of a good kayak.

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