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Review: Vibe Element Cooler

Ice holding, super rugged outdoor coolers that you can stand on or throw in the back of a pickup, and even some that are wild animal proof have flooded the market in the last 24 months. The biggest drawback many of them have is not functionality but price. The Vibe Element is attempting to break down that barrier with their newest offering, the Element, at almost half the price of […]

The Addition

Contributed by JR Pate I have found kayak purchases hold the same sentimental value as many things in our life. We all remember our first kayak purchase. Mine was green Old Town Otter 9.5 that gave the ability to float back country streams and chase my first smallmouths. The day I sold that kayak I regretted it because of the memories it held. Being single I never imagined how cool […]

Optimizing Your Campsite Part 3: Bearproofing

  Contributed by Laura Cromwell, Cabela’s If there’s one unwelcome guest at a campsite, it’s a lumbering, hungry bear. Bears and humans don’t have a particular good record of getting along and since you’re a guest in their domain, it’s your duty to accommodate them. Below is a list of tips that will keep a greedy bruin from crashing your campsite. Do not leave out food, drinks, or used toiletries […]

Louisiana Boondoggle Scheduled for October 2015

Contributed by Mark Watanabe of The Kayak Fishing Boondoggle Expo will be held at Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville, LA this October 9th through 12th. October is the best time of year to fish the area. What the Heck is a Boondoggle?   The Kayak Fishing Boondoggle is a family-friendly event for anyone interested in kayak fishing. Attend a variety of educational workshops presented by experts in the industry. […]

Optimizing Your Campsite Pt. 2: Location, Location, Location

Contributed by Laura Cromwell, Cabela’s Now that you’ve chosen your tent, it’s time to take it out for an adventure. Prior to setting up camp, it’s important to take your surroundings into account before you lay down your first tent stake. Is this legal? Unless it’s designated campgrounds, camping away from developed areas is known as “dispersed camping.” While it may seem exciting to camp in unchartered territory, you’re on […]

Optimizing Your Campsite Part 1: Getting the Most Out of Your Tent

Contributed by Laura Cromwell, Cabela’s For those itching to wake up to the smell of the outdoors, selecting the right tent is vital for the ultimate camping experience. A tent’s season, size, fabric and pole construction, plus extra storage capabilities must all be taken into account prior to setting up camp. Season Three-season tents have you covered spring, summer, and fall—plus are lightweight to minimize bulk. For explorers who don’t […]

Small Trout, Big Fun

  Contributed by Travis Billings Fall’ n Tide was approaching, so I booked a hotel at Cypress Cove Marina. I was joined by my best childhood friend who shares the same obsession with fishing as I do. I could hardly contain my excitement all week. Studying reports/maps/past tournament history, we figured we had a good plan. Wednesday after work I got the hobies loaded up along with all our gear […]