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Pedal vs Paddle

America, and most of the world, craves polarization. Whether it’s subconscious or completely knowing, people want to know where you stand on certain things. Are you Republican or Democrat?Are you Pro Choice or Pro Life?Are you pro carbs or anti-carbs?Are you Baptist, Aetheist or Catholic?Are you a pedal or paddle kayaker? As you can see, while we want everyone to be one or the other, if we are answering for […]

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Now Available: A Frame Seat Kayak for Less Than $600

It finally happened. A frame seat standard with a kayak for $549. Manufacturers of kayaks have been scrambling to add offerings of frame or lawn chair style seats the past few years. The growing market of 35-65 year olds wantss something for better back support and kayak makers want to oblige. The problem previously was the price point. For a lot of those entering the kayak market, the $500-$600 range […]

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When In Doubt, Stretch It Out

Guest Blogging with us today is Alan Sladek. Alan is a Hobie Fishing Team member, TFO Rods Pro Staffer, supporter of Heroes on the Water, works with Elite Sports Training and of course, is the owner of the multimedia kayak fishing site Kayak Bass Adventures. Alan is a good friend, great fisherman and has a burning desire to keep us healthy on and off the water. by Alan Sladek Three […]

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If a Tree Falls on a Hobie…

Staying at a lake house, kayaks sprawled in the grass drying from a morning or afternoon excursion, enjoying nature is great fun. At least for me. My family received an invitation from some close friends to join them at an East Texas retreat last week. The kids played all week, we introduced them to kayaking and had a very relaxing few days away from the rat race. For the most […]

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Brand Wars

Though it has been happening for years, this summer has been the most vocal, heated and polarizing time I can remember in kayak fishing. At times it is just a gentle murmur on forums and at others it is an all out Brand War. From the sidelines, I can see owners of a certain brand of kayak wanting to defend their purchase. I get that. You did some or a […]

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Final Thoughts on the 2013 Hobie Outback

Below you will find my thoughts, the good with the bad. Being an ambassador for Mariner-Sails allows me to speak freely about kayaks regardless of brand and to offer what I feel is advice to both consumers and the manufacturers. I am very grateful for their support. Some people may agree, some may not, but these are my thoughts. For the last several weeks I have been field testing a […]