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Choosing the Right Cold Weather Gloves for the Chill

Contributed by Laura Cromwell With today’s market, there’s no excuse not to invest in a pair of cold-weather gloves that stand up to the elements. Below are a few tips in choosing the right gloves for your adventure. Lightweight gloves made from cotton, fleece, synthetic, or leather provide the most basic level of protection. Lightweight gloves protect your hands from minor outdoor hazards along with giving the bare minimum of […]

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Overlooked Hunting Land from a Kayak

Contributed by JR Pate     This past Spring & Summer like most kayak fisherman you may have spent hours pouring over Google maps looking for that secret pond or slough. As I looked for those hidden spots in MS; I learned that both sides of the local river was public hunting land. Ask yourself this – “How many of your buddies load up in there boat or kayak to […]

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Have You Read Everything About the Wilderness Commander 140?

Contributed by JR Pate If you’re reading this you could Google Wilderness Commander 140 and get far more intelligent  information than what you are about to read. I can only share with you my experience. I’m kinda short and stumpy. I’m not talking movie extra as a Hobbit but I have short legs and it always seems a long reach to the pedals. I had neck surgery almost 2 years […]

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Kayak Duck Hunting

Let me start out that I’m an avid kayak fisherman. I’d rather fish out of a kayak than a motor boat any day. I’m also an avid duck hunter, and wanted to do some duck hunting out of a kayak. Beginning of this year I was looking for a kayak that was wide enough for standup fishing, and also comfortable enough to do some duck hunting out of. I immediately […]