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15 Tips for Kayaking With Kids

Kayaking with kids can be exciting yet stressful at the same time. Similar to planning a fishing trip with kids, there are many things to take note of especially with regards to SAFETY. Kayak Fishing Guy has created an excellent infographic that share tips to take note when kayaking with kids. According to the infographic, one way to ensure your kids enjoy the trip is to constantly tell them that […]

Your Investment

Stock markets rise and fall. Instability is a worry for many and uncertain futures leave many questioning where to invest. How do I secure my future? How do I make sure everything is ok? Money isn’t the only thing you can invest. Admittedly, I was late to the party for Mumford & Sons. Sometimes new music doesn’t get as much time as it deserves. I’ve been burned too many times […]

An Adventure with My Son

Contributed by Chris Ritchie A few days ago, I got it in my mind that I HAD to go buy some new tackle. You know what I’m talking about. That moment where you walk into your garage and no matter how much gear you already have you stare at your stuff and wonder to yourself, “How am I ever going to catch anything with this garbage?” I loaded up the […]

Making a Camping Trip a Success with Kids

Contributed by the Camping & Education Foundation A camping trip as a single adult or as a couple does require planning and strategy, but when you are ready to take your children on their first camping trip it is a whole new adventure. Not only do you need more supplies, you also have to have a plan on how to keep the kids occupied, how to convince them to go […]

VIDEO: The Future of Kayak Angling

Many times we associate kayak fishing with adults, sometimes with their spouse and kids in tow but we shouldn’t forget about the growing youth movement in kayak angling. Lots of these guys can hold their own. I could tell you about it or better yet, how about I introduce you to Brad Bowers from Tennessee. If he is our future, we are in good hands.         Please […]

Some Straight Talk for Kayak Anglers

  Three years ago I started a blog that took on a life of its own. That blossomed into myriad opportunities, meeting tons of people and talking about some of the coolest products on the planet. I’ve traveled thousands of miles to fish, work, write and do all things kayak fishing. I have tried to work hard, earn my place in the blogosphere and help anyone who asked. Most of […]

Promote What You Love

Contributed by Crystal Keill “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.” – David A. Wolfe With all of the dissension over rights lately, the one thing we all should feel compelled to do is to promote what we love. I’ve decided to do just that. Earlier this year, a fellow teacher came to me expressing that her son is an avid angler. She explained that this 12-year-old […]