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Jackall Chunk Craw

REVIEW: Jackall Chunk Craw 4 Inch Creature Bait

The Jackall Chunk Craw is a bait I’ve been familiar with for a little over a year. It has spent most of its time in Japan but has started to gain popularity here in America. I ordered a couple of packs from Tackle Warehouse (who also have tons of JDM stuff) and when they came in I hit the water. The Jackall Chunk Craw Info The Jackall Chunk Craw comes […]

DSTYLE Reserve Topwater Fishing Lures

10 Fishing Lures from ICAST You Might Have Missed

ICAST is full of everything fishing but sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, or the Best of Show you didn’t agree with. Tackle Warehouse does an amazing job of covering the show and watching all of their videos I was able to find fishing lures I completely missed through everyone else’s coverage. These 10 baits really caught my eye. Whether or not they can catch fish […]

Flambeau Waterproof

REVIEW: Flambeau Waterproof Satchel and Cage

As anglers, we go through phases. For me it is usually phases of taking lots of tackle and then the opposite, which is taking only what I need. A downsizing if you will. I’m in the downsizing stage now and have been spending some time with a new product from Flambeau.   The Flambeau Waterproof Satchel with Base Cage is: Heavy-duty construction Includes (2) WP3012 Waterproof Ultimate Tuff Tainers for […]

Use Jigs to Catch More Bass

Jigs are one of the most versatile, effective and easy to use lures ever made. Jigs for More Bass Jig fishing is the go-to presentation for many bass anglers. Jigs are effective and easy to fish. Where I grew up in Louisiana, bumping a jig into a cypress tree trunk and letting it slide to the bottom is a staple of almost every angler. Jigs are versatile baits and can be […]

Fishing Reel Rankings for 2016

Spending time at outdoor shows, tackle shops, and making a few too many purchases has allowed me to play with a lot of different reels this year. Some are pretty new and some have been around for more than a year. I wanted to make two lists. The first will have all the fishing reel rankings in order. The second will be more of an EVERYMAN approach and rank the […]

REVIEW: PEETZ Hookum Diving Spoon

After roughly 45 years of hiding in the depths of the PEETZ vault, the Hookum Diving Spoon has returned. I decided to test one and see if this age old spoon is still fancied by fish. Based on the color, size, and action of the spoon I chose to target White and Hybrid Bass here in Central Texas. The Hookums are produced by PEETZ in Canada. The spoon is known […]

REVIEW: Abu Garcia Black Max Reel

In this installment of the EVERYMAN Series, we are looking at the Abu Garcia Black Max baitcasting reel. I’m not new to the Black Max reel by any means but felt it deserved some time as it is the quintessential candidate for the EVERYMAN Series. EVERYMAN is not just about price but also about quality. Abu Garcia Black Max Reel $40   The Abu Garcia Black Max is a reel I have […]