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Yak Power

Yak Power LED Button Kayak Lights Shipping Soon

Southern Audio Services, Inc (SAS), maker of the Yak Power brand of quality 12v electronics control systems and accessories for fishing kayaks, announced today that they will soon begin shipping new LED Button Light Kits. Available in RED, GREEN, BLUE, and WHITE, these new LED...

LED Lights for Kayaks: 5050 vs 3528 Chips

Thinking about some LED lights for that kayak? Maybe even the deck, the power boat or the dock? It is important you know that not all LED lights are the same.  Most of the LED lights that are sold to fishermen and even kayak fishermen are...

Quick Tips: Night Fishing

  Contributed by John Wayne Peacock Night fishing from your kayak can be both exciting and dangerous. There are a few items that you should have before venturing into the darkness. First let’s start with people being able to see you. There are a few options...

Night Fishing Made Easier

Night Fishing Made Easier

Summer is here. Especially in the South. As the temps rise, the populations of ski boats and jet skis do as well. Some hard core kayak fishermen brave the Beyond the Breakers style wave action at places like Lake Austin but others prefer to wait...

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