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A Werner Weekend

This past weekend was an awesome couple of days for Virginia’s Werner Paddles angling team. Danny Mongno from Werner Paddles, along with the film crew of John and Hunter, made the trip to tidewater Virginia to film for Werner’s upcoming series of paddles…designed for kayak fishing! Needless to say, the entire team was more than excited to be apart it! The plan was to spend Saturday shooting at a “saltwater location” and […]

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Paddle Battle

If you’ve been looking for a paddle for under $150, today’s Paddle Battle is for you! Two candidates take the stage today that I have been paddling with for about 40 hours each. While the price is the same, these paddles offer very different features. Here is the tale of the tape: The Aqua Bound Manta Ray Hybrid is a lighter paddle with bigger blades. Bigger blades however, do not […]

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Which Paddle Is Perfect For You?

  Recently I bought a new kayak paddle and it got me thinking about the differences in paddles and how to decide which is the perfect one for you. If you have not realized it yet, a good paddle makes a world of difference. The first thing to understand is that there are two types of paddles, high and low angle. Traditionally high angle paddlers are those that paddle in […]

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Gullwing Paddle Review

Gullwing Paddle The first ergonomic kayak paddle. This past summer I received a uniquely designed paddle from HOOK 1 for the purpose of conducting a product demo/evaluation. The paddle is the Gullwing, an ergonomic style paddle which was invented & designed by Art Carlow, the owner of Gullwing Paddles. The paddle When I opened the package, I was intrigued to find five pieces- a long aluminum shaft (powder coated), two […]