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Pro Staff and Sponsors the Easy Way. At First.

Getting sponsors or being on a pro staff isn’t that hard. At first. As long as you are willing to pay for it. Here’s my sermon from the tackle box on why you shouldn’t do what I did. The outdoor industry has been growing rapidly for more than two decades. My particular niche, kayak fishing has been exploding with growth the last five years. With the fast expanse comes a bevy of […]

Vegas, Sidewalk Pimps and Pro Staff Lessons

Let’s get the eye rolls out of the way. I can hear it now, “The old man is going to drone on about pro staffs again.” Hang with me on this one though. This article isn’t about pro staff guys. This article is about predatory marketing schemes parading as pro staff agreements. If you have ever wanted to be on a pro staff team or field staff team, please read […]

So You Want To Be The Next Big Thing

Most kayak anglers who have a YouTube Channel, a blog, a TV appearance or have some photos published get asked all the time how to be sponsored. They want to be the next big thing. They will literally ask, “How do I become like…” and then name someone who they admire. Usually the names are Chad Hoover or Flukemaster or Drew Gregory or Jim Sammons or Robert Field. Here is […]

Prostaff: Doing it Wrong

The kayak fishing world is full of prostaffers. Every kayak company, bait maker, clothing company, manufacturer of kayak related goods and other miscellaneous product manufacturer seems to have a pro staff, team, ambassador program or promotional group. We have so many prostaffers running around that finding folks without affiliation usually indicates they are new to the sport or are burnt out from being a prostaffer. (This isn’t always the case […]

10 Things Every Pro Staffer Should Know

Between learning the hard way, following mentors and seeing the dumpster fires ablaze on the internet, I’ve learned a couple of things about being a pro staffer. Sometimes pro means “professional”, usually it means “promotional”. I’m not going to argue that here because these points work for either. To the new guys, please read this list. It’ll help you. To the seasoned veterans helping companies every day, please feel free to […]

Sponsorship from a Tackle Company's Perspective

You have the talent, drive, and ambition to climb to the top of the professional fishing circuit, but to get there you are going to need help. That’s understandable. Competitive angling is expensive, and most serious tournament anglers require some assistance along the way. Sooner or later, you will have to consider how you might attract some sponsors. The purpose of this document is to help you learn the lay […]

Pro Staff Casualties in an Imaginary War

This is a story based in fact but for these purposes is fictionalized. I’ll have some advice after story time. Battle lines have been drawn. A command has been handed down. I have to comply or be banished. It’s not military combat though. It’s not just a bad dream either. This is the life of a pro staffer caught in a bad enlistment in an imaginary war. How the hell […]