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Helix SI DI 2D Favorite Settings

Humminbird Helix 2D DI and SI Best Settings

The Humminbird Helix series of fish finders is a popular option amongst anglers. Much of this stems from the options you get for the money. Humminbird still offers one of the least expensive SI units on the market and it works well. The settings below will be for 2D, Down Imaging and Side Imaging units ( 2D DI SI ). If you have any or all of these hopefully this article […]

GTSL90 Kayak Rigging

Kayak Rigging and Accessories: Where Do I Start?

As I talk to folks both new and experienced in the kayak fishing world, gear and kayak rigging bubbles up as a subject constantly. Having been in the kayak for more than 10 years now, I have rigged quite a few boats. I have done the “all in, all at once rigging” and then the “little bit at a time because it’s all I can afford” kayak rigging. I don’t […]

Yak Power Now Available at Bass Pro Shops Nationwide

Southern Audio Services, Inc (SAS), maker of the Yak Power brand of quality 12v electronics control systems and accessories for fishing kayaks, is now available at all Bass Pro Shops stores nationwide. This past October they began shipping their new patent pending Power Panel switching systems (YP-RP5R) and Power Port 12v outlets (YP-PMC48S/96S/144S) to Tracker Plastics for OEM installation in Bass Pro Shops new 2017 Ascend 128T Yak Power edition […]

Installing LED Fishing Lights

Now that summer is upon us and night fishing is firing up, I wanted to revisit an article from a couple of years ago that is a step by step install of LED fishing lights. More specifically, these are SuperNova Fishing Lights. They have changed a bit in appearance since then but the principles are exactly the same. Contributed by Michael Guyer One of the biggest impediments to fishing at […]

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VIDEO: Kayak Fishfinder Batteries

John “Toast” Oast from Fishyaker.com and the HOOK 1 Crew discusses battery types for kayak fishfinders.How many amp hours do you need? What are the different available types? Check it out here:   Please follow and like us:

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So You Wanna Make Kayak Fishing Videos

Contributed by Dustin Schouest   In this day and age, everyone has a camera. Be it on their phone, around their neck, on their head, there isn’t a person out there who isn’t snapping pictures or video. If you want proof, spend twenty minutes on YouTube. Even in kayak fishing, videos of epic trips and even just the everyday jaunts are becoming more and more popular. If you want good […]

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Wilderess Systems Centre Console

When I put together a review of the Wilderness Systems Ride 115X one piece of the boat really impressed me for it sheer ingenuity, the centre console that is designed to carry your echo sounder, battery, cabling and transducer all in one piece. Designed in association with Lowrance, the idea is that you can utilise all the great functions of your Lowrance sounder when on the water but when the […]