REVIEW: EnduroPacks Liquid Electrolytes

If you spend a lot of time in the outdoors, especially in the warmer climates, you know that hydration sometimes isn’t enough to prevent cramping. Electrolytes become important and adventurers will often reach for drinks like Gatorade to meet the need of hydration and electrolytes. The potential problem with that […]

Be Safe in the Cold

Fall is descending on most of the nation and even a hint of winter is showing up for a few of our folks up north. My friends in Europe have been experiencing snow for almost three weeks now. As it gets colder, carelessness with safety gets more costly than it […]

Flip That Kayak!

Turtle: Also known as flipping a kayak while you are in it The idea of falling out of a kayak is the exact reason why people either: #1 Don’t/Won’t buy a kayak#2 Buy a particularly wide kayakThis is nothing new. People don’t buy any floating vessel only to end up […]

When to Say When in the Wind

Fishing in Texas, wind is inevitable. The problem with it is the constant change and knowing when to say when. Knowing when can be the difference between frustration and potential disaster. Recently I had a day off midweek and decided I was going to fish no matter what. I received […]

New to Kayaking? Check the Law.

In the state of Texas, you don’t have to register your kayak in most cases. If it has a motor, trolling or otherwise yes, but in most cases no. Laws are different in each state so make sure you check them out carefully before venturing out. Here is how it […]

LED Lights More Than Just Bling

The first time I saw LED lights on a kayak was about three years ago. I thought it could really help me out to attract bait at night so I bought some off the shelf cheap ones. After fumbling around with them I finally got the install working and headed […]

Winter Time Protection

With the weather starting to get cooler, your face needs some help too. This mistake from last year left a scar on my nose. I won’t be repeating it this Fall and Winter.  It was chilly that morning. Temperatures had just topped 40 degrees and the North wind was whipping […]

The Dreaded C Word

Cancer. In 2013, the American Cancer Society estimates 1.66 Million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed. 112,000 of those will be in Texas alone. Of the total 1.66M, 76,000 of those will be skin cancer represented as a melanoma. Let me put it a different way. Today, September 24, […]

Speak Up or Stay Silent?

My name is Chris and I frequent sporting goods stores. No, seriously. It is frequent. Probably three times a week into each of the two big box stores near me. I don’t buy very often but I am always scanning for a clearance deal, new bait or some hidden gem. […]

Water Safety for Kids

It’s too easy to make a mistake. You’re loading up the truck with a kayak or two and that little voice rings through the garage, “Daddy, can I go?” You may have planned on her asking but did you really plan on her going? According to the CDC, 350 children die every […]