Custom Gear Holder

Custom Gear Holder
So now that you have taken out your fishing kayak a couple of times and you have a good idea where you want the basic fishing gear like rod holders, a fish finder, and maybe a GPS , it’s time to think about the support gear. Pliers, fish grips, and a knife are things that you use during your day on the water all the time. Here is an easy way that I learned from a Wilderness Systems Kayak Fishing Rep. on how to custom rig a sheath for those items. 
Here is what you need to do this:
Custom gear holder tools
1) Strap material, about 2’or so.
2) 8 screws and 8 washers.
3) Screw driver.
4) Drill with a 1/16th drill bit.
Find a spot along the side of the center console of the kayak that you can reach with ease. Hold the strap where you want it to start and drill a pilot hole for the top and bottom screws. Place washer on screw and screw it in. Now do the same to the other end making sure that to leave some slack in the strap material for the gear. You can figure the slack you need by putting the gear under the strap.
Custom Gear Holder beginning
Now do the same in the inside at least 4” apart with some slack in each for the gear. Screw in the screws with a hand screw driver. You don’t want to strip the plastic.
Hope this can make your day on the water a little better.
Custom Gear Holder

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