Divide Forming in Kayak Fishing?

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2 Responses

  1. Joshua Thomas says:

    Right on! Thanks for writing this. Too many people search for ways at division when really we’re all just trying to do the same thing. Perspective goes a long way towards keeping communities together. Tight lines!

  2. Owl Jones says:

    It’s really nothing new….at some point the guys who started putting huge engines on their boats (developing them into fish specific “bass boats”) separated from the guys still in jon-boats and smaller craft. Sportbike riders separated from the Harley guys. Fly fisherman left the ranks of the lowly “bait chunkers.” There’s nothing that really says we all have to “stay together” as a community – but the really sad thing is when one sub-group starts to look down it’s nose at other groups. Yes, I’m talking to you my fellow fly fishermen. 🙂 LOL This is all bound to happen in an ever-growing segment of sport fishing…and the next time a guy paddles by me and jabs his nose in the air at my NuCanoe Frontier, I’ll just remember this article and smile. 🙂 It’ll all work out in the end, guys…..somehow. Let’s just try not to be jerks to the other kayak fishers, paddlers, bass boat guys, canoe lovers, etc. Gas prices are down, spring is on the way. Let’s fish!

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