Escaping the World’s Madness


There are times when one must escape. Running within me is a safe and secure self-taught mechanism I frequent these past few days.
Today my 60′ Vizio bombards me with the brutal stunning images and photos of deceased ISIS bombers who have posed as refugees. Although serious and very concerning, I have chosen to fill my heart with what some may see as a weak, selfish attempt at adding personal blinders. To many like me, the tried and true attempt of self-indulged serenity has become my safe place. It is my hope you and others like myself will have a moment where you can escape as well.

I am routinely lost in deep thought with detailed painted images of this past summer’s amazing beautiful bounties of bucket mouth bass. By meticulously adding a new set of skilled and tried techniques, we hunted, sought out and effectively slayed the bass population in our area waters. Perseverance, discipline and hard work paid off and those big hawgs inevitably found their way aboard the Mues family kayaks where we photographed and released each and every one. Escaping in those moments we were creating memories that we find priceless and irreplaceable. Best of all, we systematically built a much stronger bond and the formation of a healthier family ensued. For this alone I am forever grateful. Wow! What an adventure my family of four had!
For those of you whom are not yet familiar with the elusive largemouth bass, please grab a pillow and with a little bit of imagination, carefully attach as personal flotation device and enjoy the this daydream paddle with me.Taking you all back to the month of mid-March early April where some here in Nebraska are just breaking through the ice. The four of us are itching to get in our kayaks with rods and reels wedged and affixed while hauling a multitude of lures and a slew of odds and ends.

After a cold winter’s hibernation we are all excited to very quickly step into the frigid waters barefoot. Looking back it was not exactly the smartest decision, but most definitely a seasonal and recurring one.Without warning our faces begin turning sour and we quickly realize we may have used poor judgment. Within moments we are all squirming to remove our feet from the burning sensation we are all experiencing. Complaints are heard out of the kids due to the undeniably brain crushing freeze-like state that pierced each one of us to the bone but without hesitation the four of us continue on.At last we finally make it into the water. It is that moment IT happens. You are free. Free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Free from whatever may have consumed you in the prior days or weeks. Free to take notice of your surroundings and implant in the ol’ noggin for safe keeping.We each head our separate ways but stay just close enough. The smiles are proof. The smell of the breeze that surrounds your soul is calming and relaxing. The wind in your face, the wildlife, the dark brown and shiny coat of the beaver on the bark littered shore. The scream of the blue heron who is elegantly perched atop the newly budded elm. It’s all breathtaking and captivating at the same time.The kids are exploring, and I am just soaking it all in.

Dad who is normally last in the water, after making sure we are all taken care of, typically lands the first fish. What happens next is just as one would expect. As soon as Dad reels in the first fish of the season …It’s game on! We all do it and most will never admit to it…but we are trying to see just how many kayaks can get into Dad’s spot. Dad moves on as his joy is seeing his children’s reactions to the frenzy. I don’t remember catching much myself that day. For me it is was much more than the catching of fish that day (although a PB would have been epic!) It was the beginning of what may have been the ultimate summer. It may just have been a simple staple of what every family desires and strives for. We remind ourselves to build it, bond it together and never stop chasing the dream. Fish, make memories and make time for family. You get one chance. Why not do it together? We do and we have never been happier.

Escape momentarily, have faith and make memories with your family. You can safely remove your PFD at this time. Thanks for paddling along with me. Have a great day.

Angler to Angler.
Jen Mues

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