Feeling Froggy: Tips for Fishing Frogs

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3 Responses

  1. Gary Elliott says:

    Color wise, fish are looking up at the frog and I was advised go with a black or white. Black for sunny days and white for cloudy days. It is the shape and movement that cause the strike. The top colors are to get use hooked on buying that particular frog.

  2. Jason Billingsley says:

    I am with you, I have had so much action this year on a Spro Frog in Nasty Shad. I have almost stopped fishing anything else, most of the big ones have come out of grass or next to logs with small popping action.

  3. I agree with trimming the skirt and also raising the hooks. i have on occasion added a spinnerbait trailer hook too. SPRO frogs are my go to bait. hold up well and when you twitch it the legs really give it action.

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