Kayak Paddle Questions

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  1. Bruce Vasser says:

    I am converting a fiberglass sit in 13 ft kayak to a sit on top fishing kayak. I am questioning if I need to add scupper holes to the inside. I’m reluctant to cut any holes that may cause leaks in the future. Is there an alternative?

    • Chris Payne says:

      Bruce, it can be done. I’d recommend checking on a custom boat build site on how to do it. I’ve seen some pics some time back. The alternative is a hand bilge. Some kayaks like the Wilderness Systems Commander and the Native Ultimates don’t have scuppers. A kayak doesn’t have to self bail but you need to have a way to do it manually or mechanically if not.

  1. January 5, 2016

    […] paddle for you is very important to fully enjoy the sport of kayak bass fishing. This article, Kayak Paddle Questions, provides some sample questions in evaluating the¬†key aspects of choosing the right paddle for […]

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