Pacific Warriors Cancelled

Pacific Warriors Cancelled

A dream several years in the making for Hawaiian kayak anglers was realized and just as quickly has now gone. Isaac Brumaghim, one of the stars of the show shared the news via Facebook that the Discovery Channel has cancelled “Pacific Warriors” and it will not be back for Season 2.

Isaac Brumaghim

It’s unfortunate to see for those who loved the show. I was counted among the fans of “Pacific Warriors”. I’ve watched Isaac and others like Rob Wong Yuen grow their national presence with their Aquahunters 808 videos on YouTube

The real emergence on the national spotlight was this “Chompy the Shark” Video

The buzz began to build and eventually the long working plans to do a TV show came to fruition for the Aquahunters Ohana.

As I look through the hundreds of comments pouring into social media about the cancellation, I smile and am saddened at the same time. True fans are sending their best wishes to Isaac, Rob and the 808 crew but could more have been done? By the fans that is.

Rob Wong Yuen

Internet trolls, self proclaimed kayak purists and others wanted to continually point out flaws in the show. Could editing have been better? Sure. Could they have tried to vilify less people? Sure. The constant complaining or as it is more commonly known, the “hating” might have been dialed down. It seemed like a constant stream of jealousy flowed from the airing of the first episode and that made me sad.

I thought the kayak fishing community was better than that. What I think folks failed to realize is that the Hawaiian way of kayak fishing is older than my Texas roots and older than the state itself. Not everything has to be the way you do it. This isn’t a chance to puff up your chest and say, “That’s not how you’re supposed to do that!”. This was an opportunity to see how another part of the country that has access to some of the best fishing in the world approaches it. We took a show all about our hobby and made it try to fit our narrative when it wasn’t ours to begin with.

Isaac and Rob will continue to be Isaac and Rob, just like they were before the show. Fast with a mahalo and an aloha, these guys are at their core what is right with kayak fishing. I am just sad we as viewers and fans didn’t appreciate it enough while it was here.

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