Pacific Warriors Cancelled

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6 Responses

  1. Jonathon Garay says:

    Very disappointed of this news. I wanna thank the guys for doing what they did. Sorry it couldn’t last longer but glad and enjoyed the episodes that were aired. Thanks guys and hope to run into you in the future!!!

  2. says:

    I work in the entertainment industry. TV production to be more specific. I have worked on more reality shows then I care to admit Lol. What I can tell you with 100% absolute certainty is that producers love people hating on shows good, bad or indifferent it means people are watching and if they are focusing to the point where they are catching a b-roll edit Mistake of the incorrect fish, it means people are watching. Numbers equal ratings, executives love ratings cause ratings equal money.

    But keep in mind even though our numbers as a sport are growing. It still don’t equal huge ratings. Not the numbers the fat cats in the big offices want to see. The time slot that they put the show in is probably one of the most difficult in TV. Friday @10pm late…who the hell is home at that time in the target demographic…? Exactly. So it could have very well of been ratings…

    Maybe it’s was talent…it’s a “reality” show. Now I say this very loosely. In my experience most “reality” shows are scripted reality. They do this to build drama, bulid audience, build ratings. Fans become so invested in these “character” they become real. Maybe discovery became upset when cast members started posting photos contradicting current storylines. Could have been cast…

    Fact is. There are three sides to ever story. What he said, what she said and what really happened. I’m not going to proclaim I know what it is. But I will tell you what it’s not.

    Personally I’m not buying the guilt that your’re trying to sell with this.


  3. John says:

    I agree somewhat with Joe. If you look at the shows that Discovery has produced, they are all story lines or subjects/trades if you will, that are isolated to certain parts of the world. Crab fisherman, industrial logging or ax men, this show was about 1 group of people doing the same thing that people all over the world do. If they didn’t expect naysayers, they were blind. There is no fascination around a watching an amateur sport that we all do. It would be like watching Japanese little league baseball teams practice. Another analogy would be like watching a tv show about your local bass club tournament. And then they lame attempt to draft in some drama was a failure. I personally enjoyed the episodes with the most actual fishing. Most fisherman I know love to see people catch big fish. Not piss and moan about who’s fishing where. My 2 cents

  4. Josh says:

    Maybe they can reach out to CarbonTV and get aired there.

  5. Jim L. says:

    I recorded the series to my DVR and looked forward to watching it. My least favorite thing about any “reality” series is human conflict. I would rather watch the human fight the fish. That aside, I hate to see this show get cancelled. I wish the cast and crew the best in the future and Aloha.

  6. Mhmm says:

    Regardless of the topic of the show reality tv is for weak minded masses. It was a slap in the face to the Hawaiian culture and kayak fishing to portray it that way. I stopped watching during the episode where the “new” guy was installing a fish finder and they made it seem like a catastrophic season ruining event that he had a hole in his kayak, which was clearly purposefully drilled in order to install the fish finder… Yeah crap like that is for morons.

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