REVIEW: NuCanoe Pursuit

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3 Responses

  1. Gary Ribet says:

    Excel review. We do have removable foot pegs. And some other refinementsunami on the way

  2. Kyle B. says:

    A little confused about the comments regarding the Freedom track. Doesn’t the Pursuut have 2 tracks inset at the bow, and 2 at the stern separate from the main floor tracks? I don’t see what the problem is mounting graphs, rod holders and accessories to those. Maybe you can elaborate?

    • Chris Payne says:

      Kyle, up on the side rails of the kayak. So if I want to add a transducer arm and not drill into the kayak, it has to be near the back. Having a rail up on the gunwale where other kayaks do, but also having it inset, would allow you to mount a transducer arm there, additional camera boom etc.

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