Should Tournament Directors Fish Their Own Tournaments?

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3 Responses

  1. Mike Mayberry says:

    I offer these thoughts:

    Without TDs , there would be no tournaments. Nobody wakes up one day and says I am going to organize a tournament unless they love to fish. Further, there is generally little to no compensation for the TD role which requires a significant amount of 1) time; 2) patience with each participant who maybe has lots of questions, and 3) expenses to attend the events. As long as the TD has someone judge his/her fish and those of his/her immediate family, I have no problems with them paticipating. I usually see a group of three or more judging anyway so any probabilities of cheating are unlikely. On the TourneyX kind of ongoing tournaments, there are no guarantees anyone will catch fish any where, at any time, even if a TD decided to go the most productive location. And lastly, I always feel like the participating TD is still disadvantaged by having to “be there” for any tournament business that comes up during the fishing hours. It’s an endurance contest and the TD has to be twice as strong! Remember to thank your TD!

  2. CHRIS CARSON says:

    TD’s fishing their own tourneys is easily a conflict of interests. My store has sponsored tournaments before and as such I did not participate even as a sponsor. All it takes is the appearance of impropriety to lose credibility. Any director participating in his own tournament is asking for trouble.

  3. Bob says:

    When I ran 20 tournaments from 2009-2013, I always got on the water much later than anyone else and came off the water 2-2.5 hours before ending time. Additionally, I didn’t fish as hard as I would in tourneys that I didn’t run. I would spend more time on the water talking with my buddies, answering questions for newbies, or doing other things a good “host” would do. That being said, I won a few bucks in my tourneys but I always had other competitors (more than 1) judge my and my partner’s fish. Additionally, I would judge competitors photos with the competitor present and I would always make sure they agreed with how a fish was scored. My partner in organizing tourneys won a couple of the tournaments and he turned around and donated his winnings to HOW (our benefitting organization). All in all, I think our competitors didn’t mind that we were fishing because we were honest and we always tried to be as transparent as possible. We did have a couple of cheaters, that soured the experience for us TDs, but again, we were honest with the other competitors with what happened and we always made things right as far as prize $ being redistributed. I can see how larger tourneys with bigger payouts can bring out the skeptics and naysayers. I truly think that all of it depends on the transparency, honesty, and integrity of the guys who are running the show.

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