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demo fail

Failure to Demo Results in Big Fail

In my 15 years of kayak fishing, I’ve learned a lot. For most of my formative time in the sport, I didn’t have mentors and fishing forums that I could frequent. I was on my own, messing things up by trying to rig things, and getting good at patching holes. That first Pelican kayak (The Banana Boat), was something to get me on the water and did what it was […]

hide and watch Payne Outdoors Chris Payne

Hide and Watch : Lessons From My Grandfather

“Boy, just hide and watch.” It was a phrase my grandfather used on hundreds of occasions and was the typical answer to almost any question I’d ask. Whether fishing, hunting, welding, cleaning fish, or asking about the next play the football team would most likely run, it was always the same: hide and watch. For most of my adolescent years I thought that hide and watch was a throwaway phrase […]

15 Tips for Kayaking With Kids

Kayaking with kids can be exciting yet stressful at the same time. Similar to planning a fishing trip with kids, there are many things to take note of especially with regards to SAFETY. Kayak Fishing Guy has created an excellent infographic that share tips to take note when kayaking with kids. According to the infographic, one way to ensure your kids enjoy the trip is to constantly tell them that […]

So You Want To Be The Next Big Thing

Most kayak anglers who have a YouTube Channel, a blog, a TV appearance or have some photos published get asked all the time how to be sponsored. They want to be the next big thing. They will literally ask, “How do I become like…” and then name someone who they admire. Usually the names are Chad Hoover or Flukemaster or Drew Gregory or Jim Sammons or Robert Field. Here is […]

Bring The Smack Talk

Contributed by Thomas Philippi, Wilderness Systems Pro Staff   Competitors are always trying to gain any edge they can to defeat their foes.  Professional athletes talk trash trying to intimidate their opponents.  Gamesmanship, often called smack talk, can even be heard in local kayak fishing tourneys.  Here are a few “mind games” that seem to work pretty well if you want to climb into someone’s skull. “Hey Bubba.  I see […]

Used but not Abused

What to do? You have a limited budget to get a kayak. You hear great things about a couple of kayaks that you feel would fit your needs. Now you go to a demo day and pick the one you like but there’s one problem. You are $200 short of the asking price. It can be a very deflating experience but it doesn’t have to be. If you know where […]