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Old Town Hayes Anderson

Old Town Pro Anderson Slays Big Fish with Big Baits

Old Town, ME (August 18, 2017) – By day, Daphne, Alabama-based Hayes Anderson punches the clock as a railroad mechanic. But come evenings, weekends, and vacation days, Anderson’s hunting trophy fish — often driving all night to make the water at daybreak. For Anderson, that means rolling the windows down when it’s cold, blasting Led Zeppelin at ear-splitting levels, and pounding straight black coffee by the gallon — anything to stave off white […]

Landing Big Fish From a Kayak

Contributed by Jo Starling, Courtesy of The thought of fighting big fish from a kayak is enough to raise the pulse of any angler. However, you should never pick such a fight without a battle plan, especially when your battleground is not open terrain because any hooked fish will run for cover. Fishing from a boat or land provides fairly solid anchorage, but what do you do when you […]