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Under Armour Fish Hunter

The Under Armour Fish Hunter Collection Provides Anglers with Innovative Performance, Style and Comfort

For the anglers who have spent countless hours in the blazing sun working non-stop to outsmart and outwork their quarry beneath the water, Under ArmourĀ® introduces the new UA Fish Hunter shirts and cargo pants. As a global leader in performance apparel, footwear and equipment,...

outdoors thunderbolt

Three Rugged Clothing Options for the Outdoors

The outdoors can be a rough place if your gear isn’t squared away. The same is true if your clothes aren’t ready for all you’ll throw at them. These three outdoor clothing options are high end, ready to perform, and won’t disappoint. Thunderbolt Sportswear Mark...

Review: Mojo Super-Tec Fishing Shorts

I don’t fish in shorts a whole lot. It’s not for the reasons you might think like sun protection or unsightly scars. I actually don’t fish in shorts 90% of the time because of comfort. Yes, comfort. It sounds weird I am sure but it...

Sun Protection Not in a Bottle

Contributed by Jason Hopper As Kayak fishermen, we are constantly exposed to the sun. Not only does the sun cause nasty burns but it also causes skin cancer. It’s very important to stay protected from these damaging rays, and as damaging as the sun’s rays...

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