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DIY Cart Fail

When My DIY Cart Failed Me in the Boonies

I’ve been a big fan of the C-TUG kayak cart from Railblaza for several years. It’s rugged, works well, and I’ve put it through hell. I tried a DIY cart and about a dozen other carts before I settled on the C-TUG. It was the only one that I felt like it wouldn’t leave me stranded. Stranded seems like a weird reasoning but allow me to explain. The thought of […]

DIY Sun Hood for Your Fish Finder

Contributed by Michael Guyer If the sun has ever been a nuisance to you when trying to read your fish finder, Michael Guyer has a solution. It’s a DIY sun hood that you can make for very little money and works great. Check it out and let us know what you think. Materials Plastic binder 3M Molding Tape Clamping device Adhesion Promoter Scissors or Hobby knife   Procedure Cut a […]

Easy PVC Kayak Rack

Contributed by Jon Hummel Looking for a way to store your kayaks? Here’s an easy do-it-yourself kayak rack you can make in a couple hours. It will hold two kayaks and can be easily expanded to hold a third (or more). Most of the supplies can be purchased at your local big-box home repair store (the orange one) but the 4-way Tee’s are only available online.   Materials: 4 – […]

Payne Outdoors

DIY No Drill Removable Kayak Fish Finder

I have recently came across a great new rig for using a fish finder on a kayak that offers no drilling or glueing of your Wilderness Systems kayak, and only a little altering of a kayak of any another name. To get started you will need a few items. I like to use top quality stuff and will recommend the best products to use for this. You can feel free […]

Payne Outdoors

Kayak Stand Build

Now that we have moved we have a lot more room to store gear, and I wanted to put some of my kayaks on stands instead of hanging them all due to not having the workshop completed. These stands will keep my kayaks off the floor, and at a height that I can comfortably work on them while standing up. I wanted to make a stand that would be easy […]

Payne Outdoors

VIDEO: Detachable Anchor Trolley How-To

“The Detachable Anchor Trolley” On this episode of Yakntexas we get into home made anchor trolley.  The detachable anchor trolley allows you to clip the ropes to the available yak handles at the front and rear of the boat.  There is no need to drill holes, if it’s in the way you can simply un-clip the whole anchor trolley and store it!   Having the anchor trolley running from the tip of the […]