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First Glimpse of the Jackson Kayak E-Flex Drive Unit

In July of 2016, Jackson Kayak introduced the world to the new Flex Drive units for their kayaks, a small snippet, that most of us had forgotten about, has resurfaced. The Flex Drive is easily deployed with the flip of a lever, has adjustable pitch prop blades and a 12:1 ratio. An interchangeable electric motor-driven head unit is in development as well for release at a later date. Oh yeah! […]

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Jackson Announces Liska as New Entry Kayak

Jackson Kayak announced the Liska today.  The Liska is the modern version of our best-selling Cuda series. Wider, more stable and updated with features that entry-level kayak anglers are looking for … and experienced anglers demand. Versatile inshore/lake kayak fishing platform, the Liska uses the same Hi-Lo trimmable seating as the Cuda HD and MayFly. The Liska Specs Length: 12′ 1” Width 34″ MSRP (US $) coming soon Not Rudder Ready Elite Ergo […]

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A Werner Weekend

This past weekend was an awesome couple of days for Virginia’s Werner Paddles angling team. Danny Mongno from Werner Paddles, along with the film crew of John and Hunter, made the trip to tidewater Virginia to film for Werner’s upcoming series of paddles…designed for kayak fishing! Needless to say, the entire team was more than excited to be apart it! The plan was to spend Saturday shooting at a “saltwater location” and […]

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Ya Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd… I.E. The Right Tools for the Job

Let’s set the record straight… …I am NOT a “kayak angler”… …nor am I a “musky angler”…I am an angler that pursues different species as my curiosity piques towards new challenges, new environments, and the new tactics they demand. I’ve always looked at the art of angling as a type of direct interaction with nature in ways that mere observation could never supply. When you study a species and a […]

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Choosing The Right Kayak

Hopefully the following will help those that want to get into kayak fishing without going into a dealer blindly.   I know, it’s a lot of work going around looking at and testing kayaks without buying one, though it’s safe to say that jumping into a kayak purchase with no experience or knowledge of what will fit you best may leave you wanting  something better. So far in my thinking […]

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YakAttack GearTrac

I recently ordered a few things from YakAttack for my 2012 Wilderness Ride 135 and wanted to show you how easy this product is to install on your kayak. I know that there are a lot of people out there that are afraid of drilling holes into their kayaks but I’m here to tell you that this is a piece of cake. The GearTrac is a track system that anyone […]

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2011 Jackson Kayak Dealer Summit

Saturday, I was invited to speak and show off my Jackson Coosa kayak at the 2011 Dealer Summit for Jackson Kayak at the Rock Island State Park that was going on about two hours from me on Monday October 10th. It was short notice, but I made up my mind I was going; we had friends in from three different states hosting a yearly friendly reunion. I had been working […]