KBFMAG Fall 2017 Issue

This is a little different way to check out the Fall Issue of Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine. It will open as a pdf in a browser. If you are on […]

Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine

Free Isn’t Free

The word “free” has such a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Our brain hears the word free and translates it to “I get something that costs me nothing!” The […]

Chasing Dreams Not Dollars

At one point in my life I fancied myself an artist. I would craft sculptures out of bronze, plaster and found objects. I would paint for hours only to decide […]

New Kayak Magazines Announced

Temple, TX- The co-owners of Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine and Crooked Creek Media, Chad Hoover and Chris Payne, have announced a series of kayak magazines in development for launch in […]