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Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine

KBFMAG Fall 2017 Issue

This is a little different way to check out the Fall Issue of Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine. It will open as a pdf in a browser. If you are on a phone or tablet, you should be able to turn it to a landscape orientation to make it bigger and read it like a magazine with the spread showing two pages at a time (after the cover of course). Make […]

Free Isn’t Free

The word “free” has such a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Our brain hears the word free and translates it to “I get something that costs me nothing!” The only problem is, it really isn’t free. Nothing is. I can hear some of you mumbling already but hang with me here. I’ll make this free article as painless as possible. That free bag of baits you got at the […]

Chasing Dreams Not Dollars

At one point in my life I fancied myself an artist. I would craft sculptures out of bronze, plaster and found objects. I would paint for hours only to decide to white wash the canvas and start over. I studied art in college and earned a degree from it.The hardest thing I had to do to learn to be an artist was to learn how to get my tools to […]

New Kayak Magazines Announced

Temple, TX- The co-owners of Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine and Crooked Creek Media, Chad Hoover and Chris Payne, have announced a series of kayak magazines in development for launch in 2016. Expanding on the digital platform of Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine, the duo will foray into additional coverage of kayak water lifestyles including duck hunting, offshore fishing, flats fishing, fly fishing, catfish, striper and even walleye fishing.The glue that holds […]