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BoatUS Foundation : How to Start Your Own Local Life Jacket Loaner Site

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Want to be an asset to your community and drum up a little extra foot traffic for your business, marina or boat club? Start your own Life Jacket Loaner site with help from the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water. “We’ll show you how, give you signage and publicity materials, and offer discounted life jackets to get up and running quickly and easily,” said BoatUS […]

Picking a PFD

You have the kayak but now you need a life jacket (Personal Flotation Device,PFD). What should you look at? What should you buy? Here are some things to know when picking a pfd. In PFDs there are three basic styles. #1- Inflatables– These are lightweight and do not float you until you hit the water, at which point it inflates and floats you to the top. These are easy to […]