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Hobie Compass Mirage

VIDEO: New Hobie Compass Kayak for Under $2K

Hobie has a new pedal drive kayak and it’s less than $2,000. The new Hobie Compass kayak will be available this fall and comes in at $1,949. “We looked at our customer base, and identified a void in the market that the Compass is targeted to fill,” said Doug Skidmore, President of Hobie. “Consumers are looking for a capable and affordable boat, which our engineers have designed. The Hobie Compass […]

Payne Outdoors

Hobie Pro Angler 12 – A Short Review

When Hobie introduced the Pro Angler 14 I remember looking at the sheer size of the kayak and dismissed it as being obscenely large and not particularly practical as a fishing kayak. Looking back, those views were somewhat narrow minded and focused around my own fishing requirements and experiences. In August of this year I spent a week kayak fishing in Floridaand had the chance to check out the Pro Anglers up close […]