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Old Town Hayes Anderson

Old Town Pro Anderson Slays Big Fish with Big Baits

Old Town, ME (August 18, 2017) – By day, Daphne, Alabama-based Hayes Anderson punches the clock as a railroad mechanic. But come evenings, weekends, and vacation days, Anderson’s hunting trophy fish — often driving all night to make the water at daybreak. For Anderson, that means rolling the windows down when it’s cold, blasting Led Zeppelin at ear-splitting levels, and pounding straight black coffee by the gallon — anything to stave off white […]

Monster Muskie

Jacob Collingsworth has fished his enitre life on the Powell River. He had never seen or heard of a muskie roaming the waters. When he landed this beast, neither he nor his friends could believe it. A 42 inch monster after 20 years of fishing the river. Nice work Jacob! Please follow and like us:

Payne Outdoors

Arbogast Jitterbug Review

Top water baits have always been my favorite. In fact over 80 percent of my tackle box is strictly of top water lures. I’ve been fishing for many years and I have to say I’ve had the most luck with Jitterbugs. Jitterbugs are a very versatile lure because they not only work great for bass fishing (day or night) but many have had luck with late night musky fishing and […]