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PanFish & DogBone Mounts from YakAttack

I’ve spent the last three days re-rigging my kayak, incorporating some GearTrac along the way. The positioning on the GearTrac was dependent...

Payne Outdoors

Rigging My New Ride 115

I picked up a new Ride 115 from Appomattox River Company the other day and headed over to Yakattack’s shop to...

Payne Outdoors

Product Review: Yak Attack's "GEAR TRAC"

“This is going to revolutionize the way people are rigging out a kayak” That was my first thought when I...

Payne Outdoors

HOW TO: Mount a GoPro HD on a Jackson Coosa

Due to the high seat position of the Jackson Coosa I needed a way to elevate my GoPro HD in...

Payne Outdoors

Installing the Yak Attack Mighty Mount & PAN-Fish Rotating Camera Pole/PAN-Fish Portrait camera mounts

o Step One – Assemble all the tools and supplies that you’ll need. o 5/32” Hex bit & 5/32” Allen wrench o 7/16”...

Payne Outdoors

Monday Feature: YakAttack PanFish

Monday’s suck.  You know that, we know that… so here at Kayak Fishing Blog, we want to HOOK1 you up...

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