pro staff

10 Things Every Pro Staffer Should Know

Between learning the hard way, following mentors and seeing the dumpster fires ablaze on the internet, I’ve learned a couple of things about being a pro staffer. Sometimes pro means “professional”, […]

The Good Ones

A handful of true professionals in kayak fishing really get it. I call them professionals because of how they act and what they represent. Some make some change on the […]

I Paid To Be Pro Staff

  The kayak angling industry is growing rapidly. With the fast expanse comes a bevy of new companies selling their products in new venues and reaching new markets, specifically kayak […]

Road Map to Becoming the Next Big Thing

  Written by Chris Payne “I want to take my fishing to the next level.” I read this and hear this every day from kayak anglers. Every. Single.Day. “Next level” […]