Six Facebook Rule Violations I Wish Were Real

Some days the ol’ Facebook feed and its myriad groups really bum me out. Most of the time I get to see pictures of big fish, sunsets, family members, and cool new gear but now and again it cycles through a bad period. National news has polarized the country by […]

Should Tournament Directors Fish Their Own Tournaments?

Anytime you get tournament directors from across the nation together and they start talking kayak fishing you get opinions. Lots of them. We have never been a group accused of being without input. In a side conversation yesterday afternoon and then again at dinner last night the same topic came […]

10 Things Every Pro Staffer Should Know

Between learning the hard way, following mentors and seeing the dumpster fires ablaze on the internet, I’ve learned a couple of things about being a pro staffer. Sometimes pro means “professional”, usually it means “promotional”. I’m not going to argue that here because these points work for either. To the new […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Kayaking Experience

Having been around as a kayak angler for well over a decade, I’ve seen a ton of changes. In the early days I’d never see another kayak on the road, rarely see one on the lake and now, everywhere I look I see kayaks. I love the growth our little […]