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12 Tips for Beginning Kayak Anglers

I originally compiled this tips list for kayak fishing several years ago. I’ve retooled it a bit and wanted to reintroduce it since we have approximately 500,000 more people fishing from kayaks since its initial release. As always, if you have something to add, drop us a comment and please share with your friends. 1. Learn to Paddle a Kayak Sometimes staying on a spot is very important and nature […]

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7 Tips for First Time Kayak Tournament Anglers

I fished my first kayak tournament a little over five years ago. While I learned a lot, I made so many mistakes. I’ve also run many tournaments over the years and seen a lot of stuff that could have been avoided. Hopefully these seven things I think every kayak tournament angler should know will help you in avoiding many of the mistakes. 1. Ruler Board/Hawg Trough Most kayak tournaments use […]

Pets Travel Road Trip Tips

Pets on Road Trips: 5 Tips to Help You

Most people would love to take car trips with their pets. However, what some don’t understand is how to make it work. Pets are fun. As in I want my dog every day of my life. But for people who don’t know how to travel in the company of a pet, such drives can be stressful. With thoughtful preparation, the kind you only find in this article, you can make […]

Tips for Beginners- Fly Fishing

Words and Photo by John Henry Boatright As I paddled down the river with a huge grin on my face it finally hit me- the whole reason I had been enjoying the last few weeks of kayak fishing. It wasn’t the unseasonably warm winter, it wasn’t the joy of learning and trying new techniques, nor was it the hefty bucket mouth I had just sent back into the depths- it […]

Seven Things Bass Boat Anglers Should Know Before Kayak Fishing

As people continue to discover kayak fishing as an alternative to power boats, the questions often come up about the differences. Some of the first answers are the quiet, serenity, oneness with nature etc. Beyond that are some differences fishing in kayaks that every powerboat guy should know first. Gear You know that 300 pounds of crankbaits and soft plastics you carried in your SuperSpeed Gofast powerboat? That isn’t really […]

Duck Hunting 101: Selecting Waders

Contributed by Cameron Simot The choices for waders for duck hunting are endless, but with these simple tips, you can find the pair that will suit you best. The first factor is what kind of climate you hunt in. If you are always hunting in the warmth, a pair of breathable waders will best suit you. If you are out in the cold, then you are most likely going to […]

Four Tips for First Time Kayak Buyers

It’s that time of year. New kayaks are hitting the showroom floors. This is also the season when people start thinking of getting a kayak in the hopes of an early Spring. Many times those people thinking about it will be first time owners. Kayak fishing forums are lighting up with requests about which boats to look at, which one is the right one and myriad other questions. So which boat […]