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Seven Things to Know Bass Boat Kayak

7 Things to Know From a Bass Boat to a Kayak

As people continue to discover kayak fishing as an alternative to power boats ( bass boat ), the questions often come up about the differences. Some of the first answers […]

tips for kayak fishing digger iaconelli

12 Tips for Beginning Kayak Anglers

I originally compiled this tips list for kayak fishing several years ago. I’ve retooled it a bit and wanted to reintroduce it since we have approximately 500,000 more people fishing […]

Pets Travel Road Trip Tips

Pets on Road Trips: 5 Tips to Help You

Most people would love to take car trips with their pets. However, what some don’t understand is how to make it work. Pets are fun. As in I want my […]

Tips for Beginners- Fly Fishing

Words and Photo by John Henry Boatright As I paddled down the river with a huge grin on my face it finally hit me- the whole reason I had been […]

Duck Hunting 101: Selecting Waders

Contributed by Cameron Simot The choices for waders for duck hunting are endless, but with these simple tips, you can find the pair that will suit you best. The first […]

Four Tips for First Time Kayak Buyers

It’s that time of year. New kayaks are hitting the showroom floors. This is also the season when people start thinking of getting a kayak in the hopes of an early […]

Kayak Paddle Questions

Contributed by Richard Penny When I first started kayaking, I, like most people started off with the paddle that was picked up with a used kayak. It was cheap, weighed […]