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VIDEOS: How We Miss Summer

Craig Dye from the HOOK 1 Crew gets us pumped up with some summer throwback videos. Can’t wait for this...

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Monday on Knot Right Kayak Fishing: Kayak Fishing Lake Guntersville

Take an extended lunch and follow Chad Hoover as he hits the legendary Lake Guntersville for some off-the-wall, top-water fishing action....

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Take The Dog For A Walk!

On my drive to Bayou La Batre, Alabama today one thing drove me crazy and I could not get it...

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Topwater Tactics for Late Spring River Bass

Late spring in North Carolina is a time when you will still find a few river bass on beds, but...

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Monday Feature: Captain Ken's Clone Frogs

Monday’s suck.  You know that, we know that… so here at Kayak Fishing Blog, we want to HOOK 1 you...

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Coming Soon: Snagproof Frogs

In my humble bass fishing opinion… if frog fishing isn’t the most productive way to fish for bass, its still...

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