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Furniture, Free TVs, and the Value of Add Ons

I’m not sure what it’s like where you live, but in Central Texas, we have furniture store ads running all the time. Maybe Texans buy a lot of furniture or maybe the guys that own the furniture stores just have money to spend. Either way, I give them quite a bit of side eye when their commercial is on. It’s not that I inherently don’t trust commission sales people (or […]

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Temple Fork Outfitters Spinning Rods: My Review

Until the last few years, I took the very budget minded approach in choosing my fishing gear.  My spinning rods consisted of a wide range of lower “value” options from WalMart to Bass Pro Shops.  I figured that the $30 to $50 combos would work for my largemouth and smallmouth fishing opportunities.  After all, I rarely fished in winter and focused primarily in smaller ponds & wading a few smallie […]