VIDEO: Too Busy's Tech Tips – Throwing a Cast Net

I love to catch my bait as part of the total fishing thing. Lately the harbor has been LOADED with menhaden and there have been so many finger mullet cruising that I just can’t resist throwing the net when I’m out in the slop.

Well unless you paddle a Commander or like to swim I wouldn’t suggest standing up to throw a net in swells, slop and chop that I run into on the ICW, bigger rivers or the harbor.

Here’s a load I use for sitting down throwing a cast net. Small nets of 3 or 4 feet are easy; you don’t need this load for them. This is for 5 and 6 footers when you want to get a good spread.

Take small loops of retrieve line in your dominant hand (I’m a lefty so I take loops in my left hand and throw left to right). You only want the loop to dangle about a foot

Grab below the horn in your dominant hand

Grab the net about 1/2 – 2/3 of the way down in your dominant hand. This will make a loop about the same size as the retrieve line loops.

Now turn your hand palm facing up and place the lead line over your index finger.
Use your weak hand to grab the lead line about 2 feet from where it’s in your index finger and place the lead line on your middle finger. (You’ll have a dangling bit of lead line about the same size as the loops of retrieve line)
repeat and place lead line on your ring finger.

Now with your weak hand grab the lead line about 2-3 feet away from where it’s resting on your ring finger and gather about 1/2 of the remaining lead line in your palm.

You should now have two hands full of net. Throw from your dominant side to your weak side making sure to roll your dominant hand from palm up to palm down as it crosses over your weak hand.
Make sure your weak hand rolls from palm vertical to palm up as your throw.

It sounds complicated, but it’s really not. I can throw my 5 footer sitting down now with relative ease. You DO NOT want to do a lot of blind casting. A net gets heavy fast when you’re holding it shoulder high with your hands as high as your head.

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