Which One is Better? Pescador Pro 12.0 or Catch 120

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4 Responses

  1. D Roche says:

    interesting comparison – I was excited to see reviews of both of these boats, but a side by side is great.

    the one thing i’m questioning is the standability of the pescador pro vs the catch 120. it seems the catch 120 seat is set back more, leaving a nice flat deck for the angler to stand. of course you can stand in the pescador as well, but it seems your center of standing would shift the weight more towards the front of the boat – I wonder how this will affect stability.

    • Chris Payne says:


      Every man is built a little differently so I won’t say standing is easy in either. I’ve seen Pro Anglers flipped so it’s never absolute. They both have a place to stand but these would not be my go to for a stand boat under $1000. The Pescador Pro will have standability for some folks and will cut waves and paddle great. The Pelican Catch looks like standing will be pretty doable but the rocker and blunt angles make it look like it will be difficult to paddle against wind and through chop. We will see more and I’ll report back when I can paddle them both on the same day. Look for something March or April.


  2. Matthew from Pelican

    Hi Devin,

    We CAN say that standing on the Catch 120 is easy. It’s got a tunnel hull and was designed specifically to fish standing up with ease. In fact, a recent Marty Zoffinger review of the yak showed up standing, and even rocking the yak, amidst waters with alligators.

    Moreover, the article reports on a prototype of the Catch 120, which has since remedied the puddling issues.

  3. Good review, Chris. I am also disappointed about the trend away from in-hull storage.

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