Vegas, Sidewalk Pimps and Pro Staff Lessons

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  1. Jen Mues says:

    As an upcoming female angler, I too have been sucked into the glitz and the glammer of this ever so booming business.

    I have been asked a countless number of times to Pro Staff for the above mentioned companies here (or the very similar.) This write up should be passed around, shouted out and used as a warning for those companies who wish to prey on the unsuspecting.

    Thankfully I have a habit of asking a lot of questions.

    I too wanted to be a part of a team. Bad…and I nearly succumbed to this awful plague. After numerous hours of scavenging the internet for answers, I began to ask random anglers who were strangers headed in my same desired direction, those big questions.

    The more honest the fella the more unsure and uneasy I felt. Once a gentleman stated, now Jen…”How could you Pro Staff for that company when you’ve never used their product?”

    I thought…that’s easy, “Well, I plan to use it!” I shouted! …”And if its junk?” shouted my good friend. Ugh, I thought to myself. It makes sense. A lot of sense.

    “Eat them apples,” he said. “Chew on it Jen.” …”Swish it around and then tell yourself how you spent a boatload of cash on a particular product, when you have no idea if it will work.” …”That guy made his money and will continue to make money while you work your tail off for a scrap of a discount!” He shouted, “WHILE HE STILL MAKES MONEY!”

    “Is that the way you want to promote yourself?” he said…

    The answer was a simple no. That same man told me his biggest blunders and mistakes saving me a whole bunch of time just as the above article is making an attempt at doing.

    That old saying your mother told you about things being too good to be true, toss it around…chew on it! Your mom is right, just like mine was.

    Try not to make a decision without first asking a few questions. In the long run you’ll save yourself a lot.

    Pass this on to your buddies, help them to realize the importance of not falling victim to social media slavery.

    Promote ONLY the products.
    you use. Better yet, follow the golden angler rule: “Boast About Only Those Products You Believe In.”

    Remember, “Even the upper river believes in the ocean.” -William Stanford

    Tightlines Friends, Great article Mr. Payne.

    Pass it on!

    • Chris Payne says:

      Good thoughts Jen. Thanks for reading and for weighing in!

    • Dwayne Sudduth says:

      Well said Jen.. This reminds of the old Rainbow Vacuum ‘Sales’ job. You had to buy your demo model (at a discount) and the accessories. Then you went around door to door and tried to sell it. You were pure commission and this vacuum and accessories would set you back somewhere north of $500..way north IIRC.. So..imagine sell a product you’ve never used and you just PAID to be a salesman for; pounding pavement for hours.. Most demos took 45 minutes to an hour and if you were LUCKY you sold one or two a day.

      Yeah.. That had SCAM written all over it, and so does this. This should be an illegal business darn sure is immoral.

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