At the KBF Open in Paris, TN a lot of anglers got their first look at the Kayak Kaddy up close and personal. The next question from almost everyone is how does it tow? They followed that up with usage questions, why they would want one and ease of tow. Nick Biron from Kayak Kaddy put together a nice video showing exactly that.


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  • Mike Cooper

    I might see a use for this if you were doing a long camping trip and had lots of gear. But for a day trip fishing? No way. If you have that much tackle that you have to have a trailer, you are carrying way too much!

    • Chris Payne Post author

      Think past a storage trunk. For guys that film this add a lot of additional angle possibilities.It can be turned in to a bait tank for offshore or wading, can hold fish or crabs for fishermen and divers. Lots more than just holding tackle. It’s not for everyone for sure, especially not the minimalist but it does serve several purposes past just storage. I am going to light one with Supernovas, let the tow line out behind me and then cast to it at night.