ANNOUNCEMENT: The Kahuna from Kaku Kayak has been the most popular fishing hybrid on the market amongst water sports enthusiasts since its debut in 2015. The Kahuna is a unique vessel that features a Kaku-designed modified-V Hull. Due to its great stability and paddling efficiency, the Kahuna can be paddled as a SUP or a kayak. Paddlers have found many different ways to customize the Kahuna, ranging from rigs for simple recreation to more sophisticated prostyle setups for fishing. Due to the great success of previous Kahuna versions, Kaku Kayak Owner Kevin Hawkins decided to keep the previous hull design.

“I really wanted to do something to freshen up the Kahuna for 2017, but since the performance of the previous version was so successful I couldn’t find a reason to make any changes to the hull. Since I do a ton of fishing from the Kahuna, I figured I would add new features that I would like to use. The new features on the 2017 Kahuna come from not only the input of my pro staff but from me also. That’s the beauty of doing so much R&D myself..” – Kevin Hawkins, Owner Kaku Kayak

kaku kahuna
The 2017 Kaku Kahuna Features Layout


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  1. I can’t decide between a Kaku Kahuna or Solo Skiff…. decisions must be made Salt water is calling my name.

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