A river guides impression of the new 2012 Ride 115

2012 Wilderness Systems Ride 115

I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a new Wilderness Systems 2012 Ride 115 within the first couple weeks of it’s initial release. Since then I’ve put the boat through it’s paces on rivers large and small while guiding professionally and fishing for fun. Let’s just say I’ve got a LOT of seat time in this boat. It has quickly become my river chariot of choice on most of my kayak fishing excursions. This kayak offers great fishability and paddling performance as a result of a well thought out design.

In this review I’ll cover some of the major points that make this boat stand out in the crowd. More importantly, I want to comment on some of the “finer points” about this kayaks design and utility for the river angler that some folks may overlook.

Juan Veruete’s review of the Ride 115 at Kayak Fish PA, LLC

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