PITTSBURGH – For Immediate Release – March 2017An emerging fishing technology company, Pittsburgh-based ANGLR Labs, is now offering fishermen the first-ever connected technology platform for sportfishing, which includes the world’s first rod-mounted catch detection device. The company is officially launching its complete product line-up at fishing/outdoors shows in early 2017, including this weekend at the Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo presented by Dick’s Sporting Goods. Dick’s will be featuring a special ANGLR Labs display within the booth at the show.

The new technology from ANGLR Labs captures key fishing activities seamlessly throughout the fishing experience, offering fishermen detailed insights on the variables that are landing the most fish. The ANGLR mobile app and connected rod-mounted technology – the ‘ANGLR Tracker’ – automatically record angler’s locations, surrounding conditions, casts, catches, tackle, and more through an integrated mobile and web application. Recorded data is published to the premium online web application – the ‘ANGLR Log Book’ – where fishermen can review detailed insights of past fishing trips, successful trends, personal records, statistics, and more.

“Smartphone connected apps are an emerging category in fishing,” states ANGLR Labs co-founder Nic Wilson. “Using technology as a seamless enhancement to the fishing experience improves overall engagement and satisfaction – and can help make you a better, more successful fisherman. Plus the collected data can additionally benefit our fisheries to better sustain our sport for future generations.”


Innovative Technology Platform Connects Fishing In a Whole New Way

ANGLR-LabsThe ANGLR Labs technology platform includes two components to allow fishermen to accurately and seamlessly track their fishing trips, the ANGLR app (for both iOS and Android) and Tracker.

The free ANGLR mobile app auto-records entire trips with GPS, gathering key weather and water data throughout the day. Fishermen can easily log terminal tackle usage as the ANGLR Tracker detects casts, catches, and drops pins from the fishing rod.

The ANGLR app also provides fishermen with a customizable virtual tackle box with insights on top producing tackle based on locations, conditions, and species. It gathers real-time weather and water data that then is auto-logged with catches, pins, and other fishing activities. Fishermen can look over advanced trip statistics to compare and share tracked fishing trips.

Regarding the technology, the ANGLR Tracker uses smart sensors and machine learning techniques to automate the trip-tracking experience from any fishing rod. Proprietary algorithms auto-detect key fishing activities, including casting, reeling and catching.

The Tracker transmits real-time data via Bluetooth LE to pin events and provide metrics through the smartphone app. It’s completely waterproof, and the lightweight design does not diminish rod performance or sensitivity. The Tracker features a rechargeable battery with more than 24 hours of fishing capability.

IoT Component Provides Important Insights Into Fishery Populations

Beyond the ability to track fishing trips, the technology platform allows for the collection of big data. This data can compile important trends like water conditions and fish population tracking, all of which can have a positive impact on the sustainability of the sportfishing industry.

The ANGLR App is available as a free download from Google Play and the Apple iTunes store. The ANGLR Log Book and Tracker are available at select fishing tackle and sporting good outlets, and at

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