In this installment of the EVERYMAN Series, we are bringing you two spinning rods for under $50.

I know what you’re thinking. Sure, anyone can go by the cheapy Tournament Choice or Cherrywood spinning rods for $25 to $40 but those aren’t the ones we are talking about.

EVERYMAN is not just about price but also about quality. These two rods are from major manufacturers you know. They have quality components in them and work pretty darn well. My guess is that if you did a blind test, these would feel just like some $100+ rods you may have used before.

Without further ado, here are the two best quality spinning rods under $50 we could find.

Daiwa Laguna Spinning Rods $30

daiwa laguna-spinning-rod

I was skeptical the first time I saw this Daiwa rod. I mean, c’mon. $30? Seriously? And then I bought it. It actually does pretty darn well. I bought a little heavier action (Medium Heavy) just in case the blanks were a little thin but turns out I probably didn’t need to. The 7 ‘  MH Daiwa Laguna is rated from 1/4 to 3/4 ounce but I won’t be throwing anything that heavy on spinning gear.

Getting the bait out there isn’t a problem either. Castability is easy. I wouldn’t recommend overloading the tip though. The minimal style EVA grip allows you a good leverage point even when wet.

I’d like to see a more standard hook keeper. The pivoting wedge thing they have going is annoying and seems like a weak addition that will snap at the hinge.

In the Green Hat Rating Scale (1 to 5 with 5 being best):

Price Point: 5

Functionality/Performance: 4

Components: 3

Daiwa Laguna Spinning Rods 12 out of 15  80% Recommended


Shimano Sellus Spinning Rods $49

shimano sellus spinning rods

I didn’t realize for a long time that the Sellus spinning rods were actually a Shimano product. They deviate from what I was used to seeing in the Clarus and others. While it’s not a G.Loomis, the amount of quality packed into this rod is actually quite impressive. The components are good quality, the EVA foam grips are good and I didn’t get the fragile feeling I had when I first started fishing with the Daiwa.

This rod isn’t perfect but it is probably the best $49 rod on the market. The one change I’d like to see is to move to different guide system. The guides on the Sellus seem a bit bulky. Maybe a more modern style of guide would suit it better to reduce some line slap and potential to pop out an eye insert.

In the Green Hat Rating Scale (1 to 5 with 5 being best):

Price Point: 5

Functionality/Performance: 4

Components: 4

Shimano Sellus Spinning Rods 13 out of 15  87% Recommended



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3 thoughts on “Best Spinning Rods Under $50 – EVERYMAN”
  1. I actually own two Sellus spinning rods–the only ‘complaint’ is that after a couple of years, the clearcoat starts to yellow from being in the sun. I’ve pulled in about a 21″ channel catfish on one that was an inadvertent hookup. They are great rods for the price.

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