BOOYAH Pond Magic Spinnerbait

Since 1951, the overhead blade style spinnerbait has been used to target fish from Bass all the way to Pike. It’s one of the more versatile baits on the market and one of the best ways to catch fish with a successful hook up ratio.

This bait covers all water column. In today’s world there are numerous types of spinnerbaits that you see through the market of fishing lures. The Inline spinner has recently started gaining popularity once again but I believe the overhead is more of the way to go and one in particular has been giving me more success with fishing a spinnerbait than ever before.

BOOYAH Pond-Magic-Firebug
BOOYAH Pond Magic in Firebug with a Double Blade

I am a slower style lure fisherman that fishes more Senko and Craw type baits than anything else. I never paid attention to the faster moving baits say; Crankbaits, Swimbaits, and spinnerbaits. As I started doing more research I decided to give it a try. It took a trip to Walmart and a bait called the BOOYAH Pond Magic. As I examined the bait I loved the color and thought another one for $2.49 can’t hurt. Good price for a spinnerbait right?

So I grabbed the Red Craw double bladed and a Firebug single blade. Went out to a family pond that I grew up on, it took all of twenty cast with the firebug to produce my first fish with it. A two pound Largemouth that was fighting harder than any two pounder I have fought before. I, like most people, enjoy the fight more than anything. As the fish was brought up I was surprised by just how well the fish was hooked. As I took pictures and let the fish go I was happy how the bait was working. Especially a 3/16 oz bait, I was surprised mostly by how well it casted.

I have it running on Bass Pro Shops Extreme 6.4:1 casting reel on a 6’6” Browning Stalker Rod using 10-pound fluorocarbon. So I’m running a medium speed reel which I believe is best with this bait because I’m able to fish all three water columns with ease. Most of the bites I am getting are coming from that upper mid column. I will cast let it sink for two seconds then start slow reeling. As I bring the lure closer to my boat or the bank it seems this is when the fish are the most aggressive with this bait. The bait itself has great motion, great spin with the blade.

Now onto one negative I have found with this lure very recently. The split ring is very weak. I’ve caught around twelve fish with this bait and like I said previously the fish do have more striking power along with a more aggressive fight but the split ring could be a little more durable.

I tried everything I could to fix the bait before I threw it once more and on that cast I had a decent fish two-three-pound bass hit and he was able to rip the split ring clean off. Unfortunately, that means I lost the blade meaning I have to buy another one in this color. Luckily the bait is inexpensive like I said it is only $2.49 for a single one. All in all, it’s a great bait with a minor design flaw, but I do believe that BOOYAH will fix this small flaw.

Contributed by Taylor Helton 17. Rome, GA. Kayak Fishing for 3 years. Fishing for 15.


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