What Does Stability in Kayaks Really Mean? 

Stability in kayaks is one of the most sought after qualities when asking potential buyers for their wants list. Often the buyer will seek out the advice of current paddlers and ask what a stable kayak is to buy. The answers will come by the dozens and have many different brands, makes, models, and types. Most will recommend what they Continue Reading

Jackson Big Rig for River Fishing

Brad Wiegmann shares the reasons Brandon Coulter of the Elite Series loves his Jackson Kayak Big Rig in rivers. Anglers are naturally attracted to rivers. However, it’s not the soft babbling sound of water flowing gently downstream or the loud crashing sound of white water rushing around rocks as it flows quickly through rapids. Rivers seduce anglers by visions of Continue Reading

Free Isn’t Free

The word “free” has such a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Our brain hears the word free and translates it to “I get something that costs me nothing!” The only problem is, it really isn’t free. Nothing is. I can hear some of you mumbling already but hang with me here. I’ll make this free article as painless as Continue Reading

VIDEO: Landing a Personal Best Bass on Topwater

Kristie Hammonds has started kayak fishing recently and has been on fire! In this video you’ll find her landing a personal best bass on a topwater. A Whopper Plopper 90 to be exact. You can watch the fish come up and destroy the lure while Kristie holds on for dear life trying to keep the fish hooked up.     ********************************************************************************** Continue Reading

15 Tips for Kayaking With Kids

Kayaking with kids can be exciting yet stressful at the same time. Similar to planning a fishing trip with kids, there are many things to take note of especially with regards to SAFETY. Kayak Fishing Guy has created an excellent infographic that share tips to take note when kayaking with kids. According to the infographic, one way to ensure your Continue Reading

Catching Up with EJ – Eric Jackson

Until just a few years ago, anglers wanting to fish out of a kayak had to settle for a recreation kayak. However, it’s all changed now because of the influence by Eric Jackson over the kayak industry. Jackson, the president of Jackson Kayak, wasn’t going to settle for anything less than the ultimate fishing kayak. Story and photos by Brad Continue Reading

Kayak Expedition Seeks Tuna Record in Panama

Hannibal Bank, Panama. The yellowfin tuna fishing around Coiba Island/ Hannibal Bank Panama is nothing short of incredible. Big Game Kayak Expeditions makes these waters kayak-accessible in a way that is normally impossible. In terms of size (upwards of 300 pounds) and number, you will be at the peak season at the right place. This is the best tuna fishery Continue Reading

Hobie Fishing World Championship 6 Hosted in Louisiana

OCEANSIDE, California – May 11, 2016 – The sixth annual Hobie Fishing World Championship (HFW6), presented by Rhino-Rack™ and hosted by Hobie Cat® Company, will take place in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, December 4-10 of this year. Located in Southern Louisiana 90 minutes from New Orleans, Lafourche Parish is the gateway to Cajun Country and the Gulf of Mexico, offering a Continue Reading

Cheating Does Not Define Kayak Fishing – Community Does

Though sometimes referred to as a sport, kayak fishing and those involved in it, more often refer to it as a community. Recently a report of cheating brought kayak fishing to the forefront of news outlets across the United States. Many of these reports contained comments from the readers which painted the kayak fishing community in a light that made Continue Reading

So You Want To Be The Next Big Thing

Most kayak anglers who have a YouTube Channel, a blog, a TV appearance or have some photos published get asked all the time how to be sponsored. They want to be the next big thing. They will literally ask, “How do I become like…” and then name someone who they admire. Usually the names are Chad Hoover or Flukemaster or Continue Reading

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