Quick trip to Zimapan, Mexico

Hello there guys, Just to share a few pics with you all of a recent trip to Zimapan, Mexico. Zimapan is in central Mexico in the canyons of the Queretaro Sierra, near the southern extreme of the Mexican highlands. Zimapan is an artificial impoundment for generating electricity and it’s really a beautiful place to fish. Lots of deep canyons, rocks Continue Reading

Congratulations to the KBF June Challenge Series Winners!!

HOOK 1 is proud to support the KayakBassFishing.com Wilderness Systems Challenge Series. The series has heated up in the summer with some impressive catches. The competition continues to be tough throughout July in the Sweatin’ the Points Challenge. Stop by KayakBassFishing.com and congratulate the winners of the June Commander Couple of Cuzzins’ Challenge and watch the July Sweatin’ the Points Continue Reading

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