PanFish and DogBone mounts from YakAttack

I spent a few days re-rigging my kayak, incorporating some GearTrac along the way. The positioning on the GearTrac was dependent on several factors. One of those was where to position my PanFish camera/video mounts. The PanFish comes in two models, the standard PanFish and the PanFish Portrait. The biggest difference between the two mounts is the height, the PanFish Continue Reading

Yak Attack Park-N-Pole

The YakAttack  PARK-N-Pole has been designed by Luther Cifers and the well renowned kayak fishing angler Chad Hoover.  The PARK-N-Pole has the same function as any stake out pole,  it holds your position in shallow water… But wait, there’s more! The diameter is small enough to fit through a scupper hole in your kayak or it can be used as Continue Reading

HOW TO: Mount a GoPro HD on a Jackson Coosa

Due to the high seat position of the Jackson Coosa I needed a way to elevate my GoPro HD in order to get the right angle. My solution was to mount a YakAttack PanFish™ to the top of my crate using the Mighty Mount™ The PanFish™ was designed to capture over-the-shoulder video.  It features a split pole design with adjustable disks that allow quick Continue Reading

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Diablo Paddlesports Adios

So I’ve been on the market for a new ride for a while, partially because I had some very specific requests and it’s taken me a while to find a boat that met those requirements (not to mention finding the cash to pay for it). The main requirement, was that I needed something with enough primary stability for a dog Continue Reading

New Bait from Xcite Baits – UBERSHAD

Most guys that have fished with me know that I really like versatile baits. I like having one style of bait that I can use in many different situations by simply changing colors and/or rigs. Xcite Baits has a new bait that will be out in the next two weeks or so called the UBERSHAD. (“Uber” is super or superior Continue Reading

PRODUCT REVIEW: Yak Attack's VISICarbon Pro

When I go fishing my focus is on catching big bass. I don’t want to be worrying about my equipment or safety. I am also a true do-it yourself type person.  If I can build it cheaper and maintain quality I’m all for it. That was my mind set when I decided I needed a light for my Kayak. After Continue Reading

Kayalu Kayalite Product Review

Kayaklu is a small company based out of Cambridge, MA and made entirely in the US.  They offer a wide variety of kayak fishing products, including an 18″ light called the Kayalite.  I recently had a chance to use and review the Kayalite – and came away very impressed. My initial reaction was that it looked gimmicky…but then I started Continue Reading

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