Curado Bass Slam Challenge From Shimano

LADSON, S.C. – For Immediate Release – 8-7-17 — If you consider yourself a bass angler, you’ve probably caught your share of either largemouth or smallmouths. But what about the Suwannee or spotted bass? Have you hooked into a Guadalupe bass  – or a shoal or redeye bass? It doesn’t matter if you bass fish in Alabama or California, in Continue Reading

How Slow Should I Fish A Jig in Winter?

Jeff Little drops some awesome winter jig knowledge and how he can find good fish even with sub-40 cold water temps.  How slow should I fish a jig in Winter? I had been asked that question dozens of times before I really knew the answer. Sure, countless hours of fishing in water temperatures below 40 had taught me that the Continue Reading

How to Catch Cold Water Smallmouth

Words and Photos by Blace Hutchens Winter is setting in, and your local river has become frigid. Are you planning to hang up the paddle until spring? Do you still chase river smallmouth when the water temperatures drop below 50 degrees? A few of us die hard anglers can’t wait until spring for another chance to feel the tug of Continue Reading

VIDEO: Coosa Spotted Bass Adventure

I’ve never had the opportunity to fish the Coosa River or catch a Coosa or red eye bass. Eric Atkins makes me really want to go as he so artfully captures his time on the water with friends Evan Howard and Dennis Day Jones Jr. This is actually the first video I have seen from Atkins. I’ve been privileged enough to run Continue Reading

The Educated River Kayak Angler's Edge

Contributed by Jeff Little of Tightline Junkie Journal The Juniata River in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania was on the rise. Smallmouth moved from scattered positions mid river to tight clusters in shoreline eddies. Tributaries, swollen with the overnight rain were pumping in a stew of disoriented baitfish, stoneflies in varying stages of hatch and the occasional crustacean. So why would six tournament Continue Reading

Winter River Bass Fishing Tips

Contributed by John Henry Boatright Inevitably it happens, every year. In the words of the Starks, “Winter is coming.” You can’t avoid it and neither can I, but you don’t have to let Old Man Winter ruin your river fishing. Instead, use his tricks against him and learn to keep putting river bass in your yak through the cold months Continue Reading

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