Check your Homeowners Insurance

Okay, this is my first time EVER blogging, so be patient with me.

I will start of telling a little bit about myself.  I am 29 and have two kids and a wife.  My son is 4 and my daughter is 4 months.  My wife is an amazing photographer.  I enjoy kayaking, fishing, camping, biking, hunting and grilling, pretty much anything that deals with being outside.  It is kind of ironic because I have an indoor job working with the Texas Parks and Wildlife.  But the love of the outdoors gets carried thru with my work.

I have been fishing for my entire life.  Well as far back as I can remember.  But it was not until my son was born that I started fishing from a kayak.  I used to race Motocross, but when my son was born I hung up that hat and traded my motocross bike in for a kayak.  I figured that it would be a safer thing to do, since I was going to be a family man.  Let me tell you.  The first time you catch a big fish from your kayak, there is NO looking back.  I was HOOKED!  All I could think about after my first big fish was being back on the water to catch another one.  My first saltwater fish happened to be a 26” Red, which came very early in the first day on the water.  I went for a sleigh ride that I will never forget.  I have fished more from my kayak than any other method, combined.

So let’s fast forward to 4 years later.  I own two kayaks, and enough fishing gear to take a bunch of people fishing with me.  Well… I used to…  My house was recently destroyed in a house fire.  Because of the drought my yard was dead and dry, and though it was not said on the fire report, either a spark from something or a cigarette caught my yard on fire eventually catching my house on fire.   We lost EVERYTHING we owned.  My reason for blogging about my fire is not for pity, but to hopefully share my story and some knowledge.

My home was insured, but the amount was not what it should have been. I have taken a great loss totaling almost $100,000.00 and that is after insurance paid what my policy said they would pay.  I learned a very hard and expensive lesson.  And that is to check the contents in your home, make sure you have all the big ticket items accounted for, know there value, serial number, place of purchase and date of purchase for everything in your home.  Add everything up and adjust your policy to match.  Adjusting your policy my cost you another $50 a year, but it could save you over $100,000 in my case.




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