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Contributed by Laura Cromwell

With today’s market, there’s no excuse not to invest in a pair of cold-weather gloves that stand up to the elements. Below are a few tips in choosing the right gloves for your adventure.

Lightweight gloves made from cotton, fleece, synthetic, or leather provide the most basic level of protection. Lightweight gloves protect your hands from minor outdoor hazards along with giving the bare minimum of warmth for those days when it’s mildly cold. Because there is no insulation, they are more flexible for increased dexterity and sensitivity.

For bow and rifle, shooting gloves possess necessary articulation for unrestricted movement when time is of the essence. If you’re constantly on the move, a mid-weight glove would be ideal. For low levels of activity, it is encouraged that you wear heavyweight gloves.

Insulated gloves incorporate innovative synthetic fabrics with varying degrees of loft for heat-trapping performance on the coldest of days.
Fishing gloves feature textured grips as well as a construction that stands up to cold water, harsh winds, and chill.

Muffs that accommodate gloves and include warmth-sealing elastic cuffs are an excellent choice for long waits outdoors. Look for a muff with a pocket that can hold a chemical handwarmer or extra necessities.

Mitts can be worn with glove liners inside and can hold chemical handwarmers within the palms for optimum heat retention.

Glomitts combine the fingers of a glove and the added warmth of a mitten. Simply fold the flap back to expose your fingers as needed.

Battery-powered gloves deliver warmth for hours at varying levels of heat output. Choose rechargeable batteries along with an easy-to-operate toggle switch for effortless use.

E-tip gloves allow you to operate your touchscreen devices to keep you working without sacrificing warmth.

Your hands won’t be subjected to the cold when you know you’ve got serious chill-busting performance at your fingertips. With all the available options, you have every reason to enjoy the outdoors—warm hands and all.



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